Antica Sambuca, the italian liquor with a modern twist

Antica Sambuca Classic and the flavored sambuca-based liquors are the result of a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. These italian liquors are produced by Rossi d’Asiago in their distillery located in the valley between the Dolomite Mountains and Venice, using only selected raw materials and production techniques that follow meticulous artisanal processes.
The best anise stars + 17 herbs & spices
Traditional recipe handed down through generations
Made in the Venetian region of Italy
Range of multiple flavors
International awards endorsing quality
Premium look & feel
Distilled with traditional copper still
Patented Pro-Pour System
Antica Sambuca


Antica Sambuca Classic is a natural spirit obtained by the distillation of the infusion of anise star fruits and a blend of 17 herbs and spices. Its high quality is determined by outstanding ingredients and production techniques that follow meticulous artisanal processes and traditional recipe.

Antica Sambuca is velvety, harmonious and intense, with a pleasantly aniseed taste. Sweet, in contact with the palate remains smooth with hints of sourness.
it may be enjoyed in shots, on the rocks, in coffee, or mixed in cocktails or long drinks.
Antica Sambuca


The Italian art of Sambuca-making meets the spicy hints of black licorice roots.: try the contemporary taste of Antica Sambuca Black. An infusion of licorice to which is added almost 10% of anise distillate.

The result is an outstanding liquor with an intense taste of anise and licorice. The color is purplish-black, while the taste is assertive and velvety, with predominant notes of anice and spicy hints given by the licorice roots infusion.
Antica Sambuca


The Italian expertise in Espresso roasting meets the finest art of Sambuca making: try the intense taste of Antica Sambuca Coffee Liquor.

A flavoursome coffee infusion is added to the Antica Sambuca, resulting in an intense and pleasant taste that is very reminiscent of “espresso coffee with a drop of Sambuca” typically served in Italian bars.
Antica Sambuca


The freshness of natural raspberries meets the Italian art of Sambuca making: try the harmonious taste of Antica Sambuca Raspberry Liquor!

Antica Sambuca Raspberry is a liquor with a nicely fruity aroma. The taste is velvety and harmonious, typical of raspberries with hints of anise
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