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Dolce Nero - Rossi d'Asiago - US

Dolce Nero, the Italian espresso liquor with the truest coffee taste

Discover the many ways of enjoying Dolce Nero Espresso Liquor, you will be seduced by its extraordinary taste. Simply irresistible.

Dolce Nero's rich and smooth flavor

comes from an infusion of the best internationally sourced coffee beans that are then crumbled and roasted to perfection

Espresso Liquor


Dolce Nero is a rich, smooth italian coffee liquor beloved by coffee lovers: thanks to its predominant espresso taste with hints of dark chocolate and long finish, it is the perfect complement to the end of a meal, served neat, on the rocks, or in a martini glass.

Sugar: 40% | ABV: 20% | Caffeine: 200 mg/l

"There’s nothing better than finishing
a good meal with a very good coffee.
There's nothing compared to ending it
with the best coffee liquor!"

Raw materials

The secret of the outstanding reputation of our Italian Espresso comes from a variety of coffee beans blended and roasted to perfection. DolceNero blends the best internationally sourced coffee beans that are crumbled and then roasted the Italian way
Blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans...
...roasted to perfection the Italian way...
EXPERIENCE extract the most authentic Italian espresso experience, and turn it into a delightful liquor.
Sip it to indulge in its intense coffee notes,
or try it mixed to add a splash of true Italian espresso taste
to your cocktails!
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