The art of distilling


a History of traditions that date back to the '800

The origins of Rossi D'Asiago distillery date back to 1868. In Asiago, an enchanting tourist destination in the Venetian Alps, the young pharmacist Giovan Battista Rossi created elixirs and natural remedies for the vacationers. The success of his products was so extraordinary that his pharmacy soon became a real distillery, important enough to be named the "highest distillery in Europe."
The history of Rossi D'Asiago evolves in the 90's of last century when Francesco Dal Toso, distiller by tradition since the beginning of the '900 and connoisseur of oenology art, acquires the productive heritage of Rossi D'Asiago and detects the brand re-founding his company under the name of Antiche Distillerie Riunite.

Francesco’s sons, Patrizia and Nicola, joined the business after their studies thus speeding up the process of renewal. A real assets of know-how, recipes and production techniques that were passed down since 1868.
Antica Sambuca
is part of this heritage.
Its precursor was the Sambuca Alpina, which was produced by the distillation of an infusion of star anise and many other spices and herbs according to a secret recipe. Today Antica Sambuca is the result of a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

The most important step in the production of the sweet Italian liquor is the preparation of the anise distillate, which represents the aromatic heart of Antica Sambuca. The key ingredient is the anise star, whose seeds are rich in anethole oil, extracted through a process of steam distillation to give Antica Sambuca its distinctive flavor. Many other spices are infused and distilled together with the anise: wormwood, cinnamon, fennel, sweet orange, and many more.
Intense flavors distilled with care
Time and care.
Distillation is a crucial process as it ensures the product’s quality.
Rossi D’Asiago still uses a bain-marie copper still dating back to the late 40's, though a new one has been recently added to implement the production capacity.
The great advantage of the distillation through the bain-marie system is that the temperature is uniform throughout the chamber and the fire is not directed at a single point.
With this slow distillation method
there is no risk of damage to
the product, that is not excessively
heated by the fire,
thus preserving all the aromatic
substances distilled.
The master distiller carefully
monitors each stage, to ensure
the high quality of the product.
In a small laboratory filled with alembics,
herbs and spices, the young pharmacist
Giovan Battista Rossi creates elixirs and formulas
for the holidaymakers.
Kranebet is born:
a crystalline liquor obtained by
the distillation of juniper berries, and
other botanicals. It quickly becomes the most
renowned product of the Rossi Distillery
and a symbol of the Asiago plateau.
After years of research and studies,
the distillery reinvents the ancient recipe
of Sambuca Alpina and creates
Antica Sambuca Classic.
First on the market, the company launches
Antica Sambuca Flavored Liquors.
Fruit infusions are added to the
Antica Sambuca Classic, giving life
to a whole new range of products.
After a couple of years of research and study,
the company developes the Pro-Pour technology:
a patented retractable pourer, integrated in each cap.
Developed to be in line with bartenders needs.
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Today, the Rossi D’Asiago products
are distributed in over 50 countries.
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